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Olive in Spain: a singular food

Olives: super food

Olives are one of the most singular and versatile food products. More than 200 varieties of olive trees are raised in Spain, leading to olives with different properties. There are those which are best suited for eating at the table, for the olive press, or that can be used for both. Today, we go over the most representative varieties to tell you how they are prepared and which are their qualities.

Main olive types

We can distinguish between green, changeable and black olives.

Green ones have a normal size, and are directly extracted from the tree some time before their optimal maduration point.

Changeable olives are characterized by their purple, rose-colored or brown  colour, and they are gathered before the end of their maduration period (the verdeo).

And finally, black ones are collected at the end of their maduration time, or little time after it and their colour is black, violet black, reddish or dark brown.

The particuliarities of each area give rise to the great variety of olive trees that exist.

We introduce you to some of the most important.

Renowned olive varieties

Manzanilla. Her name comes from the resemblance with the shape of an apple. It is the most abundant variety and it has the greatest international projection.

It is produced mainly in Sevilla, Badajoz and Huelva, and prepared according to the “sevillian style”, by brine fermentation.

Gordal. It is known as the “beautiful from Spain” because of its big size, ovoid shape and abundance of the pulp.

Its production is located mainly in the sevillian countryside, bu it is also produced in Córdoba, Málaga and Granada, and prepared according to the “californian style”.

Arbequina. Its name is due to a town in Lleida called “la Arbeca”. It is characterized by their small fruit and its oil of great quality.

Aloreña o malagueña. Coming from Málaga, it is one of the most peculiar and valued varieties. Its pulp is very appreciated.

Different olives from Spain

Although it is used mainly for oil extraction and use of its pulp, using olives as a detail for garnish or sauces is also a very common thing in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian cuisine.

Now that you know more about olive varieties and how to make the most of them, enjoy tasting each one thanks to our online store or physical stands.