• Everything starts here.The olive tree is the beginning of everything in our company.
  • A flavor for every dayIn Zambudio olives we have a large
    variety of olives and pickles with which
    accompany both your special occasions, as your
    day to day.
  • Since 1975A large family willing to innovate and put on the
    table of each consumer the best olives
    From the market.

Olives and Pickles Zambudio


New flavors; Chili, Jalapeño, lemon and orange. You dare?


We launched 4 new flavors, two flavors for the lovers of spicy in the purest Mexican style; pitted olives flavored with Chili and Jalapeño, and two other flavors with the authentic Mediterranean flavor; pitted olives with lemon and orange flavor.

Outstanding news


One more of the team: MPL160II

We increase productivity and cut times with the inclusion of a new robot, one of the most modern in the market.

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Committed to the environment

Implicated with the use of renewable energies we have installed photovoltaic panels for our own self-consumption.

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We already have the IFS Food certificate!

Zambudio Olives has managed to pass the relevant controls and thus obtain the IFS Food certificate.

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