Aceitunas Zambudio / Aceitunas Zambudio

What we do is who we are

Aceitunas y Encurtidos Zambudio began its journey in 1975 with the spirit of being a great family willing to innovate and put the best olives on the market on the table of each consumer.

We are an independent and modern company dedicated exclusively to the preparation, seasoning and manufacture of olives and pickles in different tin, glass and plastic formats.

We maintain the same and solid philosophy linked to human values and respecting the most popular traditions.


Our philosophy is teamwork. We have a committed and highly qualified workforce to meet the demand of a market open to new experiences in flavors and textures.

For this we have one of the most modern and innovative facilities of olive companies in the country.

Furthermore, Aceitunas Zambudio distributes to any part of the country, thanks to the help of an expert sales team in the sector, being a great support point for our customers.

From Murcia to the whole world

From our modern facilities we manufacture for Spain and different countries all over the world:

Czech Republic, France, Andorra, Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Estonia, Mongolia, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Mexico, Brazil, USA.

Taste and quality,
our premise

Olives are a deeply rooted and popular food in our country, not only because the precious olive oil is made from them, considered a staple of the Mediterranean diet, but also because they constitute an excellent appetizer.

They are also an ideal ingredient in many recipes, as well as enriching our dishes from a nutritional point of view.

Our aim is the quality of our products and that is why our production line works daily on orders from customers from all over the world, so we can have an exclusive dedication to each one of them.

A guarantee of commitment

We have the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate and the IFS (International Food Standard) quality protocol.

We are involved with the use of renewable energies, we have installed photovoltaic panels for our own consumption.

ISO 9001 quality certificate

Production process

La aceituna es el fruto del olivo y es cogido en la campaña de recolección durante los meses de septiembre-octubre en su mayoría de variedades, quedando alguna que se recolecta en los meses de invierno.
La aceituna es cogida en su punto de sazón y maduración óptima para someterla a distintas y adecuadas elaboraciones que darán lugar a un producto listo para su consumo y de buena conservación.

Nuestra producción está enfocada a dos líneas de trabajo, una más artesanal, aplicada a un producto fresco, sin mecanismos que lo alteren y disponible en una amplia gama de formatos de plástico/PET, y otra línea enfocada a un sistema de envasado más mecanizado que nos permite obtener productos más longevos y disponible en formato pasteurizado de cristal y hojalata.

of the olive

Cooking and fermentation

Classification and calibration

Manual and mechanical selection

Storage in cylinders

Preventive quality control in the laboratory


Storage and logistics

Distribution to customers

Research and development (R&D)

Desde la recolección hasta la finalización del producto, desarrollamos un eficiente proceso de control de calidad. El primer paso es abastecernos de una materia prima de primera calidad y totalmente natural.

Analizamos su aspecto, salinidad, pH, calibre, …
Posteriormente, y una vez envasado el producto, realizamos otro proceso de análisis más pormenorizado, con controles más exhaustivos para ofrecer la máxima garantía y calidad en todos nuestros productos.