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Benefits of olives for athletes

Did you know that olives are also ideal for athletes?

5 sauces with olives to give a different...

The olive is a versatile product that can be consumed on its own or in complex preparations.

Olive in Spain: a singular food

Discover some olive varieties and how are they prepared.

A gourmet line for the more sybarite

A line of gourmet olives and pickled vegetables. Origin, procedence, meaning, and ¡a lot of flavour!

The production

A brief review of the production process of Zambudio olives. Discover the route before arriving at your table.

Aceitunero: El verdeo

Verdeo is the process of harvesting the olive. The harvesting of olive trees and its process.


In Zambudio Olives we want you to take all our products with a 15% discount

New olives arrive Chupadeo!

Aceitunas Zambudio we don´t stop innovating, and now we bring you the new olives Chupadeo.

Virgin Olive Oil, an Extra in the family

Olives Zambudio welcomes a new member of his family: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.