Packaging and formats

In this section we show you the relation of the different materials and packaging formats.


Glass- A-370Glass- A-370
Glass- A-370
Glass - CarolinaGlass - Carolina
Glass - Carolina
Glass- BarrilitoGlass- Barrilito
Glass- Barrilito
Glass - 1/2 GallonGlass - 1/2 Gallon
Glass - 1/2 Gallon
Glass - GallonGlass - Gallon
Glass - Gallon
Minibar Cans 170gMinibar Cans 170g
Minibar Cans 170g
Cans 2kgCans 2kg
Cans 2kg
Round Can A-15Round Can A-15
Round Can A-15
Round Can A-20Round Can A-20
Round Can A-20
Rectangular Can A-20Rectangular Can A-20
Rectangular Can A-20
Can A-10Can A-10
Can A-10
Cube 437-RCube 437-R
Cube 437-R
Cube 446-RCube 446-R
Cube 446-R
Cube 465-RCube 465-R
Cube 465-R
Cube 10.000 CCCube 10.000 CC
Cube 10.000 CC
Cube 4150-RCube 4150-R
Cube 4150-R
Cube 4160-RCube 4160-R
Cube 4160-R