Aceitunas Zambudio is an independent company and modern dedicated exclusively to the elaboration, seasoning and manufacture of olives and pickles in different tinplate, glass and plastic formats. For more than 35 years old and because of their family origin we keep the same and solid philosophy linked to human values and respecting the most popular traditions.


Our main goal is the quality of our products and, it is why, that our productive line works daily on orders from our clients, thus being able to have a exclusive dedication to each of them.


We have the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate and  the IFS (International Food Standard) quality protocol.


Olives are a deeply rooted and popular food in our country, not only because from them is elaborated the precious olive oil, considered as food of the Mediterranean diet, but also because They constitute an excellent appetizer. They also constitute an ideal ingredient of numerous recipes.


The fruit of the olive tree, besides being a tasty appetizer, serves to enrich from the nutritional point of view.

  • Aparecen olivas negras en un plato blanco