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Society Zambudio Olives, SL is established in 1999. We are a young and dynamic company that arises as a continuation of a project started by our founder, Mr. Zambudio Francisco Franco, more than 35 years ago in a humble facility where they begin to develop the first local products from our rich fields and the lands of Andalucia.

Over the years and with the experience that we have gained, we picked up the baton and leadership of our founder without abandoning the traditional character and continue to develop a project to provide daily at his table products of extraordinary quality and taste identifying itself adapted to the most demanding palates.

The founder of the company, with its great capacity for work, tenacity and vision, was the first major step to transform a small family business into the company we know today.

Almost forty years after its foundation, without doubt, the company's achievements far outweigh the expectations of its founder and is today among the most important companies in the Region of Murcia, is a major employer and continues to work on its founder's legacy cemented when activity started the company seeking to transcend generations.

Today we have a facility with a total area of 12,000 m. square located in the orchard of Llano de Brujas and we have a team of highly qualified professionals.